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And there will be those who get hot under the collar because it's simply too sunny for comfort.
But before all you men get hot under the collar, it's not a saucy shoot for Loaded - it's for animal rights charity PETA.
And David revealed that multi-millionaire Sir Elton finds traditional tailoring too hot under the collar.
OFFICE workers get hot under the collar in disputes over temperatures, according to research out today.
But as well as making England captains hot under the collar it also has a reputation for making bowlers sweat.
FIND yourself getting all hot under the collar as you wait for that cashier to call next, and the person in front of you to finally find their money-off coupons?
Pictures of the semi-naked sizzlers certainly got the Inside Sport team a little hot under the collar.
It was only the water officials who got hot under the collar, as they worked to fix the burst main.
But when many people appear to have become desensitised from exposure to such films, it ill-behoves film makers and those who finance them, to get hot under the collar regarding Mel Gibson's apparently accurate depiction of the suffering of Jesus in The Passion of The Christ.
IF YOU'VE got a bit hot under the collar in work this week, spare a thought for these guys.
So I'm sitting out there in the audience at the meeting trying to figure out which one of these guys is taking the payoff,'' Joey's saying Wednesday, still hot under the collar at the city's Planning Commission for a decision it made last week.