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As Turkey embraces the sunny days in many different parts of country, a new heat weaves, which has been affective since two days, unbearable hot weather took hold of southeastern part of the country.
A spokesman said: "The recent hot weather has led to the problem and for safety reasons it was decided to close one lane, as well as introducing a 40mph speed limit.
LAKKI MARWAT -- The rural and urban localities of the district are under the grip of hot weather since last two days subjecting the people to stay indoors.
Relatively-hot to hot weather is forecast in the Badia regions, the Jordan Valley and Aqaba.
ISLAMABAD -- After observing the first five fasts in hot weather, the rain spell on Wednesday morning turned the weather pleasant and encouraged the people to hold Iftar outdoor, especially at the recreational places.
Like other parts of the country, the twin cities had also been experiencing extremely hot weather for last over a week.
e RSPCA says it has received hundreds of calls to its cruelty line about animals being aected by the hot weather.
THE hot weather brought thousands of people out all around Merseyside yesterday.
BEST MONTHS: Summer time is good to take advantage of hot weather and golden beaches.
However, experts caution that there is a fine line between reaping the benefits of hot weather and suffering from heat-related illnesses.
Hot weather and high blood sugar levels can cause this, so, if you have diabetes, it's doubly important to drink plenty of fluids throughout the day.
Health authorities across the globe have issued warnings about the dangers of hot weather, with people living in affected areas told to seek shade and drink lots of water.