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Some kinds of junk food usually come 'rich' in unhealthy ingredients, which may lead to increased oil content on the skin, which is not a good thing during this hot weather.
Talking to media, the official said the decision was taken after students were facing problems due to hot weather and were unable to continue their education as usual.
Punjab agriculture department sources told reporter on Sunday, that according to a latest research the hot weather put bad impact on citrus fruits.
However, trading in September has been extremely poor, largely as a consequence of the unseasonably hot weather which has not favoured sales of our new autumn ranges.
When temperatures rise, regional grid operators issue hot weather alerts, which signal generation facilities to avoid or reschedule maintenance and testing activities that could cause a loss of generation to the grid.
Relevantly hot weather accompanied by a slight drop in temperatures is predicted on Thursday, yet staying a little bit above the annual average.
Amman, July 8 (Petra) -- No major hot weather is forecast in the next three days with temperature remaining in the 32 degrees Celsius vicinity in the highlands while Aqaba and the Jordan valley can expect a considerably hot weather with the highs crossing the 40 degrees Celsius barrier.
Eleven of Bulgariaas 28 regions, A predominantly in the countryas central part, will remain under Orange Code alert warning of dangerously hot weather on Sunday, June 19, Darik radio has reported.
According to sources the 20 hours load shedding was continue in the area resulted the scarcity of water in mosques and houses in this hot weather of Ramzan and many people were ill because of hot weather and absence of electricity in the area
Cloud seeding or 'artificial rain' is not a viable solution to extremely hot weather experienced in Karachi in July- August 2015.
BATMAN (CyHAN)- Unfavorable hot weather conditions have started increase its affect as heat weaves wreak havoc in many parts of Turkey, particularly in southeastern region.
HOT weather has weakened a bypass bridge forcing one lane to close.