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And no, hot-blooded blokes, that's not just because if you stay tuned long enough to true Blood, you're likely to catch a glimpse of Anna Paquin's naked body
WORCESTER - Good news for hot-blooded Foreigner fans: The superstar rock band is coming to Worcester.
The warring managers come face to face on the Villa Park touchline for the first time since the Anfield boss gave up on his bid to sign the England midfielder, and their meeting threatens to be as hot-blooded as today's clash.
Show business newspaper Daily Variety called 'Vicky Cristina' "a sexy, funny divertissement that passes as enjoyably as an idle sunny afternoon in the titular Spanish city" and added the film "is by several degrees more hot-blooded than his (Allen's) usual norm.
Farruquito, a hot-blooded young genius with quick-silver feet and hair-tossing charisma, absolutely owned the stage, while his brother and cousin also mustered blazing footwork and arm flourishes.
Arnold Schwarzenegger's office seems unconcerned about the recent release of his comments regarding a Latina legislator's hot-blooded bloodline.
In this, the seventh hot-blooded novel of the Vampire Huntress series, the chairman of the Vampire Council is dead and the hunt for revenge is on.
As I attempted to understand the depth of this warmth and its seeming contradiction to the hot-blooded anger the Canadians so often roused in their neighbors, I began to see the extent of our cultural misunderstandings.
He also describes traditions for getting betrothed, meeting the relatives, running a proper stag party, performing the ceremony, cavorting at the reception, and conducting the honeymoon that could induce cold feet even in the most hot-blooded.
Keeping up appearances in a culture famous for demanding strict social conformity, Anamika leads a hot-blooded investigation into her sexuality, crossing lines of gender, age, and even class (she falls in love with her low-caste servant).
Doherty writes of Lucy, "In a decade misremembered as all whitebread homogeneity, male dominance, and stately decorum, the first breakout television show was brazenly multicultural, emphatically female-driven, and loopily anarchic: Lucy Ricardo (nee MacGillicuddy) and Ricky Ricardo, zany redhead and hot-blooded Latin, cornfed girl and exotic spice, wild woman and straight man.
Leicester City manager Micky Adams has been charged with improper conduct by the Football Association in the wake of last week's hot-blooded Premiership match with Birmingham City.