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It is worrying indeed that, by drawing an arbitrary line in the sand, which is determined by individual district health boards in a hotchpotch manner, the EN role is being artificially diminished.
For me the book was a hotchpotch marred by many errors of fact.
Its somewhat hotchpotch nature, inevitable in such enterprises, means it is a source into which readers will dip for information and understanding.
But now, the Forbidden City, its opulence immaculately preserved, is surrounded by a hotchpotch of post-modernist buildings.
W-shaped bottom gusseted, with spill resistance, for items like hamburger steaks, stews and Japanese hotchpotch.
Melange, hotchpotch, a bit of this and a bit of that is how newness enters the world.
Until recently, it was characterized by a regulatory regime that had developed over the years as a hotchpotch of complex and ill-defined agreements.
By their own admission, there is no uniformity to the Hotchpotch flock.
It's certainly a colourful romp, with some charming musical interludes and a welcome environmental message, but it's a pity that a hotchpotch of subplots, concerning everything from family loyalties to rainforest preservation, distracts from the generally solid story.
It seems to me a glorious hotchpotch of mismatched items, obviously designed by a committee.
The effects may now look a bit doddery, but the dark humour and oodles of gratuitous violence make it a unique hotchpotch of the horrifying and the hilarious.