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David B Jones is expected to return from his three-week break in South America and has hotly denied that this was for altitude training specifically for this race.
The veteran star, who arrived at Hollywood's Kodak Theatre waving a Union Flag, was hotly tipped to take the Best Actress award for her role as The Queen in the film of the same name.
Hachikian and others said they now see a hopeful future for passage of Armenian issues in Congress, including a hotly disputed resolution officially recognizing the Armenian Genocide.
In Mexico, Felipe Calderon was elected President of Mexico in a hotly contested election.
In both pieces, we examine why most of those first 10 Amendments are still being hotly debated more than 200 years after they were written.
This was a hotly contested sale," noted Hauspurg, "since it is truly one of the last underdeveloped commercial properties in Tribeca.
In non-KOTR news, the hotly anticipated Baker video is done and premieres in Hollywood on August 10th.
In New Zealand, a hotly debated bill to allow assisted suicide was defeated in Parliament in 2003.
The buzz for the opening night--the Friday night screening--was so tremendous, to be chosen was a hotly sought-after privilege.
Wertheimer was unavailable for comment when we called, but Pingree says, "I'm not sure who's been calling who, but I can say it's a hotly contested debate.
Forest fires--so hotly debated now by the Forest Service and various environmentalists--also have a role in the normal life of a forest.
In what is surely to be a hotly contested argument, Dennett challenges the idea that determinism implies inevitability.