hour of decision

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allowed to occur, have happened because in that hour of decision the president chose a popular political path without concern for the real world consequences.
Ward their pastor, and many in the radio industry of the 1950s placed Revivaltime second in popularity only to Hour of Decision, the weekly radio program of the young evangelist Billy Graham.
If Congress fails to address the so-called fiscal cliff, the United States faces another recession, leaving Arkansas political and business leaders to hope the critical hour of decision will force the appearance of bipartisanship.
Greece: Greece reached the hour of decision on Wednesday over more budget cuts demanded by the EU and IMF and a debt deal to obtain a second rescue and close a key chapter in the eurozone crisis.
THE TWELFTH INSIGHT: THE HOUR OF DECISION builds on the author's prior books to consider the further changes brought about in 2012 and the prophecies that predict them.
But, at the hour of decision, she silently steps aside and the residents take over.
The hour of decision is here for the Catholic Church in the United States, led by our bishops, to join the growing secular and religious chorus of voices demanding the abolition of nuclear weapons.
George Bush gave the military all the forces it requested to crush the Iraqi army, but in the crucial hour of decision, when the Army's leading divisions stood poised like an enormous coiled spring to smash the retreating Republican Guard divisions north of Basra, the president ended the war.
Nawaz Sharif, however, declared that historically, the hour of decision had struck, and the nation had to decide once for all, whether it desired to live as a self-respecting people, like free and sovereign nation, or it wanted to roam about the world with begging bowl.
evangelist - founded the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association in 1950; held weekly Hour of Decision radio program broadcast around the world on Sundays for over 50 years.