house arrest

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House Arrest

Confinement to one's home or another specified location instead of incarceration in a jail or prison.

House arrest has been used since ancient times as an alternative to criminal imprisonment, often imposed upon people who either were too powerful or too influential to be placed in an actual prison. Hereditary rulers, religious leaders, and political figures, whose imprisonment might spur a revolt by loyalists, would be confined to their homes where they could live comfortably and safely but without any influence. House arrest does not always lessen its victims' influence, however. Aung San Suu Kyi, a political leader from Myanmar, was placed under house arrest from 1989 to 1995, and again, from 2000 to 2002, by the nation's military junta. On both occasions the international community successfully exerted pressure on the government to release Suu Kyi, a peace activist and Nobel laureate.

The term house arrest can also refer to electronic monitoring programs in which a convicted criminal is sentenced to home confinement instead of prison, for a specified period. The criminal wears an electronic ankle bracelet (for which he usually bears maintenance costs) that monitors movement and sends a signal to a central computer if the house arrest is violated. Examples of crimes that could warrant house arrest include white-collar crimes such as Fraud or Embezzlement. This type of sentence can be a cost-effective way of punishing criminals who pose no threat to others and thus do not need to be imprisoned at the state's expense.

house arrest

noun confinement at home, confineeent to a residence, custodial detention, domestic reetraint, house confinement, imprisonment, punishment at home, restraint at home, restriction at home, retention at home, serving a sentence at home, serving time at home
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The reality is that this ongoing extrajudicial house arrest is motivated by fear: the fear that prosecuting these political figures, who have first-hand knowledge of the widespread violations of the rights of the Iranian citizenry following the disputed 2009 presidential election, could further expose and remind the Iranian people of those abuses and seriously challenge the Iranian authorities' narrative of events," Ghaemi said.
The PKK and Eucalan are demanding house arrest for the terrorist leader to conclude the talks as sought by Turkey.
Pur-Mohammadi said that was the conclusion when they were put under house arrest three years ago and it remains the conclusion today.
The official said that Chen told them about "allegations of abuse and extralegal activity" since he was freed from prison in 2010 and put under house arrest.
Congress Legislative Party leader Pramod Tiwari and BSP's Brijesh Saurabh, Sanjay Tiwari and Ram Shiromani are among those who will be placed under house arrest.
Earlier on Wednesday, Majid Jafarzadeh, a member of the Supreme Council for Safeguarding the Rights of Iranian Expatriates had said that the imprisonment verdict for Ma'souminejad had been changed to a house arrest.
Suu Kyi's lawyers filed the appeal with the Supreme Court last month after a lower court upheld a ruling in August last year to continue keeping her under house arrest for another 18 months.
Earlier, The Lahore High Court had declared A Q Khan a free citizen in February after five years of his house arrest over allegations of operating a nuclear proliferation network.
AN Irish man involved in a bribery scandal has been sentenced to six months house arrest.
This acquisition represented a major step in the overall strategic plan for ABS allowing the Company to provide multiple levels of service to the criminal justice industry and making the transition from traditional house arrest to the new GPS tracking and mapping technology easier and more cost effective.
He said, "Those who have been put under house arrest were not protesters, their actions were criminal.
ISLAMABAD -- All the top Hurriyet leadership continued to remain under house arrest or in police custody for the fifth consecutive day, today, in the aftermath of Indian troops' firing in Gool area of Ramban district that left four civilians dead and triggered Kashmir-wide protests.