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The president joined first lady Michelle Obama and their daughters, Sasha and Malia, later Thursday for dinner, along with White House staff members and guests.
Looks like the President's Facebook and Twitter accounts will see daily updates managed by his 2012 presidential campaign staff, instead of White House staff.
com, said, "Offering our staff new sQuid cards has allowed us to give them leading edge technology that complements our new in house staff restaurant facility, offering them convenience and a great service too.
The Press and House Staff are invited and the Briefing is open to the public.
Part IV discusses the application of the new test to graduate students and house staff, ultimately concluding that graduate students are not employees under the Act, but house staff are.
The journey to Lindisfarne took place in the most glorious sunshine, the Church House staff were variously attired; some looked they would be ready to tackle a modest Himalayan mountain, others dressed for a stroll in the High Street.
Methods: A questionnaire was designed and distributed to eligible house staff at our institution.
As with Governing the White House, the authors' primary empirical goal is to describe the emergence and institutionalization of key White House staff "governance structures.
Another working group provided critical input to the CPOE process: the clinical design team, composed of attending physicians and house staff from a variety of specialties, nursing, pharmacy and other clinicians.
House staff are at marked risk for vitamin D deficiency, particularly during the winter months, Dr.
FEI continues to speak with relevant Senate and House staff about our concerns, and we continue to advocate that, as a worst-case scenario, the CEO should only be required to sign Form 1120 once.
Bush has appointed dozens of women--more than any other president--as senior White House staff.