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For those not on key benefits there is also the Green Deal which enables householders to install energy efficiency measures and pay for them over a number of years through their energy bills.
Householders benefit by having access to renewable-generated power without large upfront outlays.
The report, Desire to Move and Residential Mobility: 2010-2011, looks at the characteristics of householders who desired to move and their subsequent mobility pattern from 2010 to 2011 using data from the Survey of Income and Program Participation.
Duncan McCombie, director of the Energy Saving Trust in Wales, says, "Many householders across Wales are unaware of the damage condensation, damp and mould can cause to their home, health and pocket.
Detective Sergeant Dave Clough is asking householders to be on their guard against such callers.
They then ask for an administration fee to undertake various tasks on behalf of the householder.
WITH the Met Office warning that the cold weather could last until the end of April, the National Insulation Association (NIA) is urging householders to protect themselves by insulating without delay.
Its 2011 American Community Survey found that 52 percent of foreign-born "householders" people in whose names houses are owned, being bought or rented owned their homes, compared to 67 percent of native-born householders.
We the hard-working domestic householders in Caerphilly county borough have to contend with yet another increase in council tax now that Labour is back in charge of Caerphilly CB Council again.
The measures make it impossible for cash-strapped householders to avoid the property tax.
Claims Shami Chakrabarti, director of Grayling's householder protection CHRIS GRAYLING'S plans to boost protection for householders who overreact to intruders were so irresponsible they could "actually encourage vigilante execution", a civil rights group said.
TORY activists have welcomed government plans to protect frightened householders who attack burglars.