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An affidavit filed in support of the complaint alleges that CALIXTO sold cocaine to a cooperating witness working with the DEA at the Creston Avenue Housing Project in Woburn on various dates in July and August, 2004.
He pointed out that Zallaq housing project is carried out on a surface of 11.
HIGH cost of land acquisition has led to the cancellation of the proposed Shahrakan and Bu Quwa housing projects.
He was accompanied by all members of the CDA Board, where he was briefed about the project in detail and all the matters pertaining to Park Enclave Housing project.
AECOM are the appointed project manager their housing projects in Jubail Industrial City.
As an added feature to this housing project, the Administration is empowering communities to participate and be more involved in implementing the program.
These lands had been considered for acquisition in order to begin ordinary procedures as was always the case regarding the implementation of any housing project but because of reasons pertaining to the high cost of acquisitions, the Ministry decided to overlook its implementation of the project on these specific lands and to look for other alternatives.
There is evidence from a real estate agency that the plots have already been sold for private projects and the whole issue will now be directed to His Majesty King Hamad, who ordered the government housing project in the first place.
Newhall County Water District maintains it may not have enough water to serve the housing project, and says the project should undergo a new environmental review since its revival last year.
Abad added that the housing project will be adopting the Community Mortgage Program (CMP) approach, through which an organized community will initiate and manage the housing project itself.
BNA) -- The Ministry of Housing started today distributing 406 housing units to beneficiaries of Al-Malkiya Housing Project, who had received their contracts and finalised the required procedures.
The meeting reviewed in detail the pace of progress of Ashiyana Housing Project for low-income people.

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