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As "Aegri Somnia" drew to a close, the husk of Beirut's Charles Helou bus station hove into view on screen.
Certainly not since the early years of the millennium, when everything in former boss Peter Reid's garden was rosy and before the dark clouds that have haunted Sunderland fans in the past, once again hove into view.
Vertiginous cliffs And there's plenty of time to look out for them as the river sweeps past the villages of Vers and Bouzies between plunging, vertiginous cliffs, shrouded in a thick covering of trees and shrubs, where castles and churches hove into view, clinging to the hillsides.
It happened behind the bike shed, a lookout posted to hiss a warning as Authority hove into view.
The coaches' notepads were busy when he hove into view with serious intent on the opposition's goal line.
ANOTHER potential superstar hove into view when Bandicoot Tipoki raced away with the Futurity final at Nottingham.
A sudden commotion, cameras were held aloft as I swear 50 policemen hove into view followed by Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall - or as everybody was yelling out to get their attention - Charles and Camilla.
Above all other images we remember the one of Earthrise as our big blue marble hove into view beyond the curve of Moon's horizon.
There were also good reasons for using violence in terms of waging psychological warfare: if resistance to a pirate attack guaranteed death and destruction, most crews would strike their colours when a pirate ship hove into view to avoid further fighting, thus adding another ship to the pirate flotilla and, above all, providing a source of recruits.
was the exclamation, as the spots of white scattered over the prairie hove into view.
Then the Horse & Jockey hove into view - thank God - and I screeched into the car park.
If the Federales hove into view, the citizen would simply slip his revolver into some discreet place where he could retrieve it later.