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There was a more sombre feeling when Gallipoli's Suvla Bay hove into view.
It braked for the camera halfway down, then accelerated again to repeat the manoeuvre every time a yellow box hove into view.
And just when Liverpool fans must be praying the worst is over, Everton hove into view next week hoping to heap more misery on their more illustrious neighbours.
All this was greatly appreciated by the row of Geordies behind me, and by the audience as a whole, who kept nudging each other excitedly as another familiar face hove into view.
There they were, swinging into action armed to the teeth as a flotilla of merchant ships hove into view, and some of the unarmed people on board had the brass neck to fight back with whatever they could lay their hands on - tins of tuna, mobile phones, even iron bars.
We were in the middle of playing this gig and I happened to look out to sea just as a tanker hove into view," said Cerys, whose new album Don't Look came out this week.
Sadly, I had left my run for a viewing position far too late and had ended up on the lawn, following the action on the big screen, waiting for the leaders to hove into view off the home turn.
AN exciting energy flows as something you are currently involved with is rapidly reaching the turning point where the home stretch will hove into view, so don't blow too much energy or cash on what you don't need to do right now.
However, a health warning may have been appropriate when the Two Fat Ladies hove into view.
So you can see why the armed security guards get a bit trigger happy when strangers like me hove into view.
After a satisfying start, we relished the thought of our main courses, which soon hove into view.