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2) However, by the turn of the twentieth century social welfare experts re-evaluated these approaches and pushed for a return to private households even if it meant supplementing its income with public funds; Shammas labels this an "institutional U-turn.
However, there is a third group who argue effectively that current zoning is too lax and is unfairly enforced.
However, trying to sell them a new technology to something that they can see as an existing part, such as an anti-side intrusion beam, is easier.
However, this promise of support and protection was as deceptive as a mirage--it was as "a deceitful brook, like waters that fail" (15:18; cf.
All ten teachers who responded were female, which is a limitation of the study; however, most teachers in the district are female.
However, the definition in the Advisers Act, as well as in the SEC's interpretations, is painted with a much broader brush.
Then, however, came perhaps the most surprising development of all.
Compatible clinical disease descriptions have been documented since the time of Hippocrates; however, the term relapsing fever was first used by David Craigie to describe an outbreak of the disease in Edinburgh in 1843 (1).
Williams, however, had more success tracking Asian long-horned beetles.
Boeing's view of the situation, however, was different.