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Safely ensconced in one of the Marsden "bunkers" under the banking, and sitting on the Albert Butterworth memorial seat, we were mostly sheltered from the perishing wind howling down the golf course above the cricket ground, but the sun simply couldn't break through the grey clouds wrapped around the Pennines, a real shame considering all the effort Marsden had put into organising the day so well.
It's a critical world and you only need to lose a couple of games to have critics howling down at you.
Enjoying first use of a strong wind howling down the Liberty Way pitch, Nuns fell away after establishing a 10- 0 lead in as many minutes and a 13-7 half-time advantage seemed nowhere near enough.
It's the cold winter nights when he's out on the track when the wind's howling down the back straight and he's out doing his running or hitting serves when it's cold and windy.
All that lowdown grunt comes in smoothly, progressively building as the revs rise before howling down the straight.
My mind suddenly starts filling with images of a wild American rock star howling down a freeway with a bottle of Jack Daniels in hand and a shotgun bouncing around in the trunk, being pursued by a line of black and whites.