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As skeptics and watchdogs, the political right warns against bureaucratic groupthink and hubristic excess.
Ali was boastful and brilliant, Haye a hubristic half-wit who thinks it's funny to joke about gang-rape and to wear a T-shirt showing the severed heads of his opponents.
A few fringe screwballs predicted that hubristic boffins were set to trigger the destruction of our solar system.
The voice-over speaks of the financialization of the art market: Hubristic announcements of art's new status as an asset class for investors who want to diversify their holdings give way to anxiety as later articles announce a crash in subprime mortgage trading.
Harvey to resign -- is emblematic of a less hubristic administration, and few doubt that he has tipped the balance in the Bush administration toward a more nuanced foreign policy.
So why the sudden switch to the hubristic plan of running Dubai Destination twice in 48 hours?
For Chesterton, the acceptance of the world and sin are analogous to the acceptance of God and redemption; for, though they differ as natural, philosophical from supernatural, theological truths, they are similar in their shared undemonstrability and moral presuppositions: that neither of these truths can be demonstrated, but both can be known and known prior to and better than anything else, and that the acceptance of both the world and God as the fundamental sources of our knowledge of reality presupposes a fundamental disposition of receptivity, humility, and wonder, make the partner doctrines of philosophical realism and Christian salvation enemies of an empirical, idealist, subjectivist, and hubristic modern philosophy.
The stretch limos, the hubristic shoulder pads and the junk bonds of the '80s were bound to excite the anger of the gods, but hey, we've been riding around in Jeeps and dowdy gray Town Cars for the last 11 years.
He compares efforts to reinvent business along less hierarchical lines to the French Revolution, a sort of hubristic overturning of all that has gone before: "It used to be that this modernist ethos, this desire to be free of history, to leap out into a brave new future flourished only in politics, where it created the disastrous Marxist utopias" and Various forms Of the arts.
The positive feedback reported by Lloyds is welcome, but we have a long way to go if we are to return to the feelgood period of the late 1990s and early 2000s when growth was relentless and fuelled a dangerously hubristic attitude to the economy.
If eighth is suddenly considered a roaring success for Newcastle - and some of the hubristic stuff coming from St James' Park in the last two weeks would have us believe we are witnessing a great rebirth - then Mike Ashley's job is almost complete.