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I'd prefer regulation to try to prevent behaviors that may lead to bubbles rather than leave it up to central bankers to hubristically decide when the bubble exists, how much is enough to pop it, and whether they have the guts to do it.
Before targeting the national culture and language of France (or Brazil, or South Korea, or any other national identity for that matter), we should first concentrate on retreating from the familiarity of national culture in which we are immersed and one that hubristically embraces certainty.
But hubristically, Clr Khan would like us to think otherwise.
A parallel relationship between the two men is even more strongly suggested as each man hubristically puts his treasured possession at risk, the driver by not backing up and taking an alternate route and Sal by stubbornly refusing to relocate, a decision repeatedly questioned throughout the film.
Medical providers should "hold firm (but not hubristically or dogmatically so) to their conceptions of their patients' good, while recognizing that in many cases their confidence in what is best is not rooted in their medical expertise.