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Producers of the controlled staples were ordered to bring these to the public square in Intramuros by land or through the river and sell these directly to the consumers and not to hucksters.
The $99 hucksters need to beware, because The Florida Bar is cutting into their market.
Most of the hucksters, whether in Ataba or Ramses, are reluctant to answer when asked a very important question: How much do they make a day?
It's a strange twist of fate for the affable, rumpled Cleveland native, who spent his summers at Columbia Law School working for the NAACP Legal Defense Fund, and the rest of his 20s and 30s as a consumer advocate, defending the poor from the scams of small-time hucksters and corporate con men.
For much of human economic history, unscrupulous hucksters have attempted to persuade unsuspecting consumers that ingesting some secret formula would boost mental ability.
At the coastal resort of Goa, two trios of sibling hucksters constantly clash as they try to make a buck out of everything from jet-skis to fireworks.
Meanwhile, there is money to be made - and the hucksters have wasted little time in cashing in on Javier Hernandez (below).
Over the next few months there will, no doubt, be lots of amusing examples of the artless platitudes and exaggerated waffle from the revenue maximisation hucksters.
TV hucksters are working hard to bury the true significance of the Holy Cross, demeaning it to ego-enhancing jewellery.
Her topics include the repression of Native American religions and the rise of Lakota spirituality, New Age hucksters and wannabes, the intertribal borrowing of ceremonies among the Mi'kmaq of Newfoundland, and academic exploitation.
The case soon becomes a circus, attracting hucksters, well-wishers, attention seekers, state troopers, wood identification experts and mobsters.
See "Unholy Hucksters," March 2008 Church & State.