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The surveys show it, and the hucksters are making hay on it.
That is why I am constantly amazed that the radio news people and talk show people I enjoy and tend to respect must wear two hats: Dispensers of information and hucksters for some product or other.
Summary: There is a trick in the great labyrinthine bazrs of the Middle East: Petty hucksters lure the vacationing franjis into the market maze and then get paid to lead them out.
Designed and managed by boutique ad agency The Hucksters, HarwinDrive.
The fear is people will believe the hucksters and take things like these.
Publisher O'Reilly has made available the book 'Spam Kings: The Real Story Behind the High-Rolling Hucksters Pushing Porn, Pills, and @*#?
The free-money hucksters find eager victims because people want to believe there's an alternative to the old-fashioned way of raising capital through hard work, personal savings, credit cards and friends and family investments--not to mention a well-written business plan.
True, there are government grants available to entrepreneurs, but there are lots of restrictions--and hucksters who paint a vision of Uncle Sam handing out fistfuls of cash to entrepreneurs have taken too many people for a ride.
Department of Education's research and development efforts, warns the department's new Office of Innovation and Improvement not to be taken in by hucksters peddling the latest fad.
Webster's defines "snake oil" as "any of various liquid concoctions of questionable medical value sold as an all-purpose curative, especially by traveling hucksters.
Fights flare every day in Ataba, where the pedlars love quarrelling with shop owners and their fellow hucksters.
It derived its name from the Hucksters, peddlers who carried linen on their backs to market.