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He might assert, huffily but with some justification, that merely a century after his pursuit of Moriarty to the Reichenbach Falls, detection has come down to the same thing as balancing a cheque book or toting up a column of sums.
I meant left at the next corner, of course," she said huffily and didn't speak to me again until we hit the detour.
They waited another ten minutes, then began to rise huffily.
A cat is like a snooty flatmate, the sort of person who sulks off to their room when your pals come round, huffily playing music a bit too long and eating a bowl of cereal and cursing you for taking up the communal living space.
Alma Tour customers were said to be travelling on flights paid for jointly by the airline itself and by a Russian tour operator, but reports implying that Bulgaria Air again was carrying out its obligations to Alma Tour were huffily rejected by the airline, which underlined that all it was doing was carrying out regular scheduled flights.
One headmaster huffily said that many of his staff had to travel a long way and it was unreasonable to expect them to do that in the snow
I don't need his, or anybody's, help," I answered, somewhat huffily.
Faced with proof of her prevarication, Hillary huffily responded, "You know, I think that a minor blip, you know, if I said something that, you know, I say a lot of things--millions of words a day--so if I misspoke, that was just a misstatement.
Announcing huffily that, actually thank you very much, we're both very good car drivers didn't seem to cut much ice.
He huffily called a press conference to blast a demon he felt was getting rich off figures he did not grasp - private insurers.
I inquired of one motorist why they were parked in a disabled slot in a busy shopping street without a car badge and was huffily told that they had only used it for 10 minutes
It's a post-modern statement on masculine vanity and pathetic patriarchal values,' she said, huffily.