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It is difficult to force him to appear when he is equipped with medical certificates," Bourdillon wrote huffily, "and I am not prepared to go in pursuit of him.
When I told him I only dance to sexy music he replied huffily 'Oh, never mind' and whipped off my tiny pink top.
Ten years ago when hotel clerks would offer the seniors' rate, I used to decline quite huffily, "I don't qualify"
The woman resented Niall's reprimand and rather huffily retorted: "Just because you have a sad life doesn't mean your dog has to have one too
In "When Congress Plays Doctor," she begins by imagining Congress considering a patients' bill of rights and turning to HMOs to say huffily, "Deny American citizens effective, lifesaving treatments or palliatives for pain?
In the Senate, intensive negotiations failed to convince Georgia's Zell Miller--who's already huffily denounced the idea of using prescription drugs as a campaign issue--to accept a more aggressive plan.
Having assembled a group of attractive single young men and women and having encouraged the exchange of ideas about sex, Amiana responds huffily to the inevitable conversational infelicities that threaten the moral tenor she struggles to sustain.
563) near the end of his presidency after huffily proclaiming he would never do such a thing.
At the same time, Ruffino sort of huffily denied reports it was being acquired by E.
Most of the special collections and functions have been given particular expression, so the steel cage sometimes seems to house a rather quarrelsome menagerie, some members of which are trying to escape while others almost come to blows or huffily turn their backs on each other.
In one scene, she attempts to stop her soldier suitor before he embarrasses himself with his pompous declaration of his intentions, but he huffily suppresses her interruption of his speech.
Soprano Peggy Kriha Dye set the standard for vocal purity as Drusilla, while mezzo-soprano Stephanie Novacek railed potently as Ottavia, bass Oren Gradus philosophized sonorously as Seneca and Canadian tenor Gerald Isaac camped huffily in the travesty role of Poppea's cranky nurse, Arnalta.