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The long shot was falling early and often for Huff, who finished with five 3-pointers, 3 of which came in the first quarter alone.
To decide the case, the judge is going to look at how the Huffs were retained by the Waltons, said David Shipley, a law professor who teaches copyright law at the University of Georgia School of Law in Athens.
Unfortunately, real life doesn't seem likely to mete such sublime justice to the Huffs of our investment industry.
More than a motto, "Family Taking Care of Family" is a calling for owners Bob and Lynn Huff and their team of licensed healthcare professionals who work among the residents and their extended families all day long.
Huff's morn (Blythe Danner) is separated from his dad and lives in Huffs adjacent guesthouse, causing friction with his wife (Paget Brewster).
In November 1996, monthly revenues were down by about 6% ($1,200) compared with November 1995," says Younger Huff.
Treasury checks, which were mailed to addresses in Montgomery, including Huffs residence.
But, too often, "Huff" plays as though it's been written by someone huffing paint thinner, as the lives of Huff and those around him play out as some Grand Guignol parody of a social satire.