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It seemed to me that this trunk, its solidity, the sequence of strong patterns on its bark, its sheer hugeness, was somehow all part of a message I could not understand.
represented by the hugeness of the blaze, and the long time it took, hoping
He said: "It was a shame but the power of the lights didn't take into account the hugeness of the structure and other lighting.
geodetic terms, "millions of acres," although the hugeness of
As the latter conversed with the Countess about the hugeness of his answer, which will fit "as the nail to his hole" (2.
The key factor that TRI believes will enable Chinese companies to catch up and even run neck to neck with Apple is the hugeness of China's domestic market, which can give them an enormous consumer base to design, develop and nurture products to maturity.
Wake up to ponder the hugeness of the Rogue River from your room's wall of windows.
Already there are high expectations for this project and by joining hands with Sun TV the hugeness of the movie will be further highlighted"
The hugeness and the extremity of both beauty and risk open me up to my biggest, best stories.
It was my idea to put it in because I remember being pregnant and marveling at the hugeness of my body, you know, like, looking at the mirror at all angles, but it's something you do privately.
I just remember being pregnant and marvelling at the hugeness of every area of my body," the Mirror quoted Lopez as saying.
the hugeness of informal sector and trade unions' dwindling numbers in the formal sector caused a change in their perception and strategy regarding informal economy workers (Shyam Sundar 2008 a, 2010 b).