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com, is on display at Triveni Gallery, Triveni Kala Sangam, Copernicus Marg till November 11; 11am to 7pm) By Srijani Ganguly Artist has been fascinated by human head since childhood
In the commercial systems for SAR measurement a dipole antenna and a shell full of human head equivalent materials is used.
PPS) today unveiled its first TactileHead Pressure Measurement System that leverages the world's most sensitive tactile sensors to introduce a new standard for comfort and fit testing in applications where contact pressures are applied to the human head.
The idea to create a device to simulate the rotation of a human head arose from the requirement to select a sensor to detect head rotation in virtual reality glasses.
IT'S round, white and the equivalent in size to two human heads.
A second photograph published in the notice shows a severed human head, apparently that of the suicide bomber.
It opens with an overview of the anatomy of the human head and facial muscles.
Does the puppet with the human head really have to put in an appearance in every single flippin' show?
They were joined by conservation officials and the artists, whose compositions ranged from a dinosaur fantasy and a cubist face to a mosaic of squares and "Plant Life," combining a human head and a tree.
In our research, models of the human head & skull were developed using the CT Scan data.
Analysis of the epidermal growth factor receptor gene in fresh human head and neck tumors.
To my horror I made out what was a human head under a bush.

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