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What is distinctive about the Confucian virtue of humaneness comes from the institution where it primarily is learned, the family.
Making humaneness a function of shock in this way may seem puzzling.
Whereas the humane person possesses the highest Confucian virtue of humaneness (ren), characterized by his love of fellow humans, the sage (sheng ren) not only possesses ren, but actually benefits the multitude.
Although Jaspers is willing to accept Arendt's distinction between crimes against humanity versus humaneness, he points out that since international law and natural law are not "law in the same sense that underlies normal court proceedings," (6) it would be most appropriate for Israel to transfer the competency to judge Eichmann either to the UN, to the International Court at The Hague, or to courts provided for by the UN Charter.
So, what did Mengzi mean by saying that being a human is humaneness or human virtuousness?
JUSTICE: Corrections must demonstrate integrity, respect, dignity and fairness, and pursue a balanced program of humaneness, restoration, rehabilitation and the most appropriate sanctions consistent with public safety.
Confucius obtained this set of guidelines by passing judgment on historical social role archetypes on the basis of values such as humaneness, propriety, and filial piety.
4) Concern for the meaning of humaneness, parenthood, and the succession of generations.
Some new advocates of penal rehabilitationism, such as Cullen and Gilbert, stress its humaneness.
Its conclusions on humaneness and effectiveness are simply not reflected in the experiences of those people on the ground.
We have provided numerous examples in our past what tolerance, solidarity, and humaneness are all about.
Although the central focus is on the relative humaneness or cruelty of how prisoners were treated in different conflicts, he also discusses how the cultural and legal circumstances of a particular conflict impacted the nature of prisoner treatment.