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A man who has passed from orthodoxy to the loosest Arminianism, and thence to Arianism, and thence to direct Humanism.
It is quite clear that the early modern humanists did not advocate humanism in this way.
Are we forgetting something about humanism when we leave this obsolescence behind?
In both Reason and Reverence and Becoming More Fully Human, Murry spells out many of those psychological and social functions for people who nowadays may wish to practice humanism in what he calls "alternative forms of community.
Part One, "Toward a More Vital Humanism," contains ten chapters on the basics--religious humanism, religious naturalism, community, humanist spirituality, and the relation of science to religion and humanism.
These reservations aside, I recommend this book as the best synthesis of humanism by one writer thus far penned.
Of course, the humanism of the Enlightenment wanted to change the world, too--in fact, was committed to changing the world.
A less parochial humanism would call this faith, but the word somehow troubles us.
Thus, confusing egoism with individuality, humanism rises and falls on the so-called charisma of its advocates, particularly its most visible and leading advocates.
The early twentieth century in America could afford to be more appreciative of idealistic attitudes James and idealist Josiah Royce were friends and colleagues at Harvard), saying that ends should not be used to justify dubious means and insisting that a humanism attempting to solve human problems must be humane.
It would be conveniently simple if an article such as this on humanism in China might confine itself to that which has originated in China and nothing more.
Although it is hard to be certain, one possible scenario could have been that China's own ancient humanist tradition was ignored--if not rejected--in favor of a modern Western scientific humanism.