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In fact, of all the Worldwatch Papers I've read, the one that has affected me most personally, perhaps, is Marcy Lowe's Shaping Cities: the Environmental and Human Dimensions - which offers a compelling vision of the means by which intelligently and humanistically designed cities might eventually become liberated from the stranglehold of the car-dominated suburban system.
62) While the parallels between Troy and Dijon would have been most accessible to the humanistically educated viewers of the prince's entourage and the civic elite, the archway's design ensured that its basic message--the restoration of Dijon's lost splendor--was accessible to much of the city's middling and popular classes classes as well.
Renaissance collectors -- not all of them humanistically trained scholars -- lived at the end of a period, the Middle Ages, that had generally domesticated the ancient past, turning its heroes, Alexander the Great or Caesar, into medieval knights.
For a company that prides itself on its sensitivity both architecturally and humanistically to local environments, remote Caribbean enclaves are particularly appealing.
In his dedicatory letter to the pope, sigonio pridefully noted th e approval and support of his friend and protector, the humanistically learned jurist, Gabriele Cardinal Paleotti, the bishop of Bologna (De Republica Hebraeorum, pp.
If the only way to study religion were to explain it (away) as no more than the effect of nonreligious causes (to the exclusion of "understanding" religious phenomena hermeneutically, humanistically, or theologically), if the only form of knowledge were scientific knowledge, if the only kind of university there could be were the rationalist "Enlightenment" university, if all "religio-theological concerns" could be purged from all study of religion, if all advocacy could and should be expunged from the university, if we could be certain that nothing beyond the realm of science could ever contribute to understanding religious phenomena, then W.
So what you have, then, is pretty much a solipsistic kind of world where you get your soul in harmony with the masterpieces, but, as Pater puts it, there is this wall around the individual through which hardly any communication breaks, so you always want to be present where voices converge, but they really converge not individualistically/ humanistically, but really solipsistically for you, you see, for you to burn with a hard and gemlike flame that constitutes success in life.
Mathematically challenged readers of this journal should not be put off, however; a little empirical analysis is good for the souls of even the most humanistically inclined.
3) Systemic homologies, for example, between English and Italian early modern comedy, did not just magically appear; their genealogy can be explained, if not positively identified, by one of at least two causes: the precedence and prestige of Italian theater as an exfoliating "influence," and the general dissemination of humanism and humanistically inspired theater throughout the continent.
For example, in Italy, humanistically trained professors of medicine sometimes sneered at medieval medical texts and revered the ancient texts of Galen.
And today, there are several organizations in North America, Europe, Australia, and elsewhere that exist to help people celebrate their lives Humanistically.
Schofield shows how the eminent, humanistically trained Melanchthon was viewed with admiration by King Henry VIII in the years after Henry's break with Rome.

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