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On the other hand, a humanistically informed positive psychology, in my view, could help redress that explanatory chasm.
151) As someone humanistically trained, perhaps he disliked the medieval Latin prose style of the old Roman breviary.
concluded that the CBT advantage was accounted for by humanistically labeled comparison therapies conducted by researchers allied with CBTs.
Especially given the ascendancy this latter tradition was increasingly asserting over the younger generation of humanistically educated patricians, it is not difficult to understand the tones of feverish intensity and personal outrage with which Collazio invests his ostensibly objective analyses of the theoretical discrepancies between classical authorities.
Critical systems thinking is a robust recent trend in humanistically oriented systems work.
The book ends, humanistically, with a look at Oedipus's "salvation" at Colonos.
Recently, authors have provided information that will allow counselor educators to more humanistically prepare and assess students working with suicidal clients.
Confronting the new sexual challenges of today isn't easily done and will therefore involve further exploration before a document on sexuality can be written that humanistically leads our culture in a forward direction.
Humanists, and humanistically trained and inspired scholars in other disciplines, began to criticize received scholarship and to innovate, which led to the scholarly breakthroughs of the sixteenth century" (510).
It is my hope that this extension of Hansen's vision will ensure the continued growth and relevance of professional counseling and related humanistically oriented fields.
However, with no other alternative to perpetual violence, war, and death a humanistically driven strategy may seize the minds (and hearts) of human beings sooner than what currently may be expected.
With an audacity as sly as it is comically hyperbolic, the Defence disposes in a single paragraph of centuries of humanistically inspired commentary on history's exemplary moral power.

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