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Pet treats featuring wine and beer themes: Taking the humanization trend about as far as it can go, several companies have tapped into the craft beer and wine trends from the human market and adapted them for pets.
There are many myths about special advantages of the asynchronous lines comparing with the synchronous lines, as for humanization of the work and hours output.
MRCT's Therapeutic Antibody Group scientists have a proven track record of success in antibody humanization which extends over 20 years and has produced 10 clinical candidates and two regulatory approved humanized antibodies: Elan/Biogen Idec's Tysabri(R) and Chugai/Roche's Actemra(R).
A pioneer of antibody humanization technology, PDL promotes this technology through licensing agreements and clinical development of its own diverse pipeline of investigational compounds.
rightly takes the question of radical humanization as the starting point for an interreligious theological conversation.
Access to XOMA's extensive technology and expertise in antibody humanization allows Aragen Bioscience to provide its customers a seamless transition from murine antibody discovery and sequencing to antibody testing, variable domain humanization, stable and transient expression, cell line development and pre-clinical production services.
The perception that pets are members of the family will continue to define the humanization trend in 2015 and drive price increases in the pet food category in the future.
He suggested to pay attention to paralympic sports that usually, he said, assist to popularize humanization.
Fremont, CA) received payments in excess of $2 million related to the exercise of licenses under Protein Design's antibody humanization patents for Genentech, Inc.
Maria Kahn Segura, of Population Concern, Peru, is the new coordinator of Peru's Red de Humanizacion del Parto y Nacimiento (Network for the Humanization of Childbirth).
Today, PX'Therapeutics can indeed provide an integrated service offer including generation of murine monoclonal antibody, humanization of therapeutic antibody, development of stable recombinant cell lines and clinical manufacturing.
antibody humanization patents and license agreements with various biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies.

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