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One particularly important and additional benefit to humanizing a company is that you generate a belief, support and confidence in the parent company itself.
Ultimately, the realization that a humanizing strategy can benefit the business is a great starting point.
The decal leads us to a politico-esthetic decalescence: the acidic monochrome becomes a symbol for the confluence of poetry, the potential humanizing force of esthetic purity, and the most horrific acts of unbridled instrumental Reason.
Attendees at the Consumer Forum also gained information on the critical technologies and business practices for humanizing digital experiences through more than 200 one-on-one sessions with Forrester analysts, peer networking, and a technology showcase where 23 sponsors shared their solutions.
I just think people felt that it was too intellectual, humanizing evil, that it would offend every Jew who was ever born.
At this Event, leading Forrester analysts will present research on how brands are humanizing the digital experience, and industry executives will share their companies' best practices for creating inviting and intuitive multichannel experiences.
s largest Wholesale Internet Dial-up Supplier teams up with Humanizing Technologies to offer subscribers a Personalized Content Services Platform
Humanizing Technologies, developer of a revolutionary new personalized content services platform, has formed a strategic alliance with StarNet, one of the largest wholesale internet dial-up providers in the U.
Antibodies recently emerged as an important class of pharmaceutical products due to scientific breakthroughs allowing the humanizing of monoclonal antibodies.
net and Ask Jeeves both pride themselves on humanizing the online experience while providing quality content and information for each user.
Enabling customers to speak in real time with live agents is part of Ask Jeeves' focus on humanizing the online experience," explained Sean Murphy, VP of products at Ask Jeeves.
Its antibody development and licensing program includes: the hu1124 collaboration with Genentech; a patented human engineering (HE) method for humanizing antibodies; and the Genimune(TM) targeted immunofusion (TIF) product, which fuses a humanized antibody-derived targeting component to a proprietary cytotoxin, rGelonin.