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The current condition of humankind is highly emphasized by the new social influences of today, and it is the direct result of an uninformed and undeveloped public, identical to what the Greeks had to say back then.
but gradually as the book goes on you realise that this boring bloke who has presented himself in that way doesn't actually know very much about himself and gradually he's revealed to be far from that but to be somebody quite different and I think one of the things the book does is talk about the humankind.
Let us just be side by side - helping, respecting, and understanding each other - in a common effort to serve humankind.
Restless and seeking, (3) humankind is eternally driven to push beyond the boundaries wherein it is confined--and, by implication, defined.
The proclamation of the gospel is always directed not toward humankind in general but toward humankind wrapped in all of its cultural diversity.
When we broadcast our messages globally, establish worldwide conference platforms for church leaders, publish our own literary work, build colleges, and employ our own people, we can positively affect humankind.
As the Bible explains, God will not force humankind to do anything, allowing us to reap what we sow.
Yet they also illustrate that the resilience of humankind is no more evident than in the African American quest for wholeness.
He was a gentle hungry soul interested in humankind in all its varieties.
Aguillard that the belief that a supernatural creator is responsible for the origins of humankind is a religious one and cannot be taught in public school science classes.
Christmas is waiting to be born; / In you, in me, in all humankind.
Humankind is bound by such predominant facts because the workings of the world exist independently of human wishes and beliefs.