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Lately, the following truths about humanness have made a huge impact on my teaching: 1) We all long to create; 2) Children create naturally; and 3) Children are excited by affirmation of their creative work--whether it is draw ing, Lego building, music composition or the like.
Just as authentic humanness for Buber pointed to a place, the
Regarding the humanness of our institutions, this is where I don't see much progress.
Every phone conversation and contact an officer has with the public provides an opportunity to practice the spirituality of law enforcement through compassion, respect, and connectedness with the humanness of the other person.
Overall, Carr suggests that, even though the Internet is undoubtedly a useful tool, it may be slowly robbing us of our humanness, causing us to "sacrifice the very qualities that separate us from machines.
It is the very core of our humanness, which compels us to help with so many needs: FOOD for Lane County, Eugene Mission, Toys for Tots, Salvation Army, etc.
Passion and humanness are reasonable defenses in some cases.
I think, then, that we can all agree that even though we don't know exactly what this humanness is, we know that being human, the process itself, forces us to release the masks that we hide behind.
Keeping God at the center of our marital union ensures a happy marriage in times when our humanness gets in the way of our loving nature.
A Michigan nephrology consultant with clinical, teaching, and research backgrounds, Fisher has decided to speak out against how the medical professional gone astray, most tragically, he says, by keeping people's cardiovascular-respiratory system functioning with machines and drugs while they develop massive skin ulcers, decaying digits, and irretrievable loss of the cerebral cortex--where he locates humanness.
They developed an appreciation that even though people age, they don't lose their humanness," he said.
Her voice, rife with the deepest hurt and anger yet full of compassion and a sense of humor, somehow reveals the similar humanness in a Saudi terrorist and a working-class mother from London's East End.