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They are straining to listen to the man whom I have named "Champion of Humanness.
Thus Prozac can be understood to "alter our humanness," not by giving us new capacities (say, the capacity to fly), but by altering traits that, to use Anderson's language, make "one human being unique from another.
The absence of spirituality in public education is to ignore our humanness, say the authors.
There is something earthy and haunting about this music -- and her playing of it -- that speaks to our primal humanness and our belonging to each other.
He asks whether this trend could change how we define humanness.
Hem we are, with our tiny bit of hard-won humanness hanging now by a thread, and we are trying to teach our people to hate.
Yet through all this humanness, amid a scandal packed with potential for self-righteousness or self-pity on all sides, I heard the same invitation that I have so often received from God's people: Let's call on God together and expect that God will answer.
He was a worker priest who, like Tom Dooley, had to die before we could celebrate the totality of his humanness.
He also allows us to empathize with the humanness of teachers who are sometimes seen by their students as only another fixture in the classroom, lacking their own histories and pain.
UCLA called a timeout to give Bell more time to ponder his humanness.
The specificity of gender signs dashes with the humanness of skin.
To emphasize a birdlike quality and downplay their actual humanness, the swans' bodies are whitened with makeup, and long, black, beaklike stripes decorate their brows.