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She plays it to giggling guests at our humble abode while I sit deadpan like a comic stooge.
One inescapable reality in renovation is that sometimes projects are thrust upon a community, where Mother Nature or some other external force has conspired to wreak havoc on a humble abode.
Of course you can always put them to work to improve your humble abode and make it into a pink palace.
3 billion strong Catholics, such as choosing a silver ring rather than a gold one, or preferring a much humble abode rather than the palatial suite previous popes have lived in, changing some rules, however, could be create further controversy than other changes made by the pontiff.
When the 35-year-old from Juffair isn't busy working on his next on-stage sketch, he is cooped up in his humble abode bandaging his fingers after slicing up different-sized construction paper into 3D works of art which are being snapped up by collectors.
Pater The guest rooms are named after saints, and my humble abode for three days is Room 107 - Saint Irmgard of Suchteln, named after a saint who helped the poor and lived a simple life in solitude.
And when I got back to her humble abode after my walk, I logged on to GazetteLive - as we all should do on a daily basis.
He's the prototypical middle manager, willing to do just about anything to move up the ranks, including allowing his bosses to use his humble abode for their illicit trysts.
ONE'S HUMBLE ABODE Helen greets guests at Buck House
IT is the once humble abode of a Warwickshire lock-keeper - but it boasts a link to Royalty and is up for sale for PS640,000.
Samamri was incredulous as to why anyone would want to demolish his humble abode.