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ONE'S HUMBLE ABODE Helen greets guests at Buck House
Samamri was incredulous as to why anyone would want to demolish his humble abode.
I live in that little green house, right over there," she said excitedly, pointing to a humble abode across from the former barracks serving as a makeshift military museum.
More than 250 companies were on hand to promote the latest in products and services for the home, whether it be a humble abode or a stately mansion.
They've spent nine years saving in order to turn their humble abode into a New England-style dream home.
The video opens with Sparks preparing her humble abode for guests to arrive for some sort of shindig, and it's all set in a very positive mood," E
The images depict parts of the exterior of a house that turns out to be late Surrealist painter Leonora Carrington's humble abode in Mexico City.
Pricewise fans, who are still on cloud nine following 10-1 and 11-2 wins in the last two competitions, are on for the hattrick with Humble Abode.
The last technician who visited our humble abode had activated our e-Life wall unit (note: this is 5 weeks after the first phone call) but did not bring a router or cable to connect the computer to the socket--a fact he forgot to note in his report to Etisalat that he'd hooked us up with e-Life, which resulted in the disconnection of our AlShamil account.
Government ministers and money-men in helicopters, poor people in rickety buses, foreigners from Europe and the Middle East - all are beating their way to the humble abode of Ambilikile Mwaisapile, an old retired pastor of the Lutheran Evangelical Church, to get healed from chronic diseases.
Spring-cleaning is not restricted to your wardrobe or humble abode, transfer that zest into discovering a new you.
Hardy's classic follows the story of Bathsheba Everdene, who, like Tamara Drewe, inherits a humble abode from her family.