humble service

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I am sure you will be pleased with the humble service I may offer you, and my charges will be small.
Your pardons, Senors," he began, "but if it will please you to avail yourself of the humble services of myself, I shall have great pleasure in guiding you into the interior.
Those grand saloons were now devoted to the humble service of a school for young ladies.
I pray you, my dear lord, that you will give my humble service to the Lady Maude, and say to her that I was ever her true servant and most unworthy cavalier.
But I fear,' he pursued, after a pause, furtively wrenching at the seat of his chair with one hand, as if he would have wrenched the chair to pieces, and gloomily observing her while her eyes were cast down, 'that my humble services would not have found much favour with you?
Ought he to relieve the family, in their present situation, of the responsibility of him as a guest, or ought he to stay on the chance that even his humble services might be of some use?
Thorneycroft Huxtable, of the Priory School, near Mackleton, has to do with the matter, and why he comes three days after an event--the state of your chin gives the date--to ask for my humble services.
The reader is not surprised by his lifetime of strength, wisdom, gratitude, persistence, and humble service.
Considered as one of the most ancient feasts of the Christian church, this day is also regarded as an important day for those in humble service.
Still, we hope that despite the discouraging indicators, the new matrix will somehow empower the people and plant the seeds of humble service in our political leaders.
This is the sign of the kingdom; this is what this supper is about: love and forgiveness, humble service to one another, helping one another come clean.
She glorified her life with the dignity of humble service.