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The hunter appeared to appreciate the kind intentions of the other, though he could not understand his eloquence, and, raising his humbled countenance, he attempted a smile, as he said:
His manhood was humbled by the part he was compelled to play and by the thought of what Mattie must think of him.
I will walk here until the pride of this house is humbled.
Catherine, humbled and ashamed, was going to apologize for her question, but he prevented her by saying, "Novels are all so full of nonsense and stuff; there has not been a tolerably decent one come out since Tom Jones, except The Monk; I read that t'other day; but as for all the others, they are the stupidest things in creation.
It was in me and through me that she was deceived, insulted, humbled, and contaminated; that she should ever have forgiven me for a moment is more than I can credit or fathom to this hour .
Thou hast humbled thyself before us; almost hast thou hurt our reverence--:
Who however could have humbled himself as thou hast done, with such pride?