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Walk Humbly with the Lord collates papers presented as part of many centennial reflections for Edinburgh 2010.
Myriam was extremely happy with the event and humbly thanked all who attended and helped make it a huge success.
Then very humbly, we want to ask the Prime Minister that he should tell us where to come, to whom to talk to and at what time?
CDATA[ As we have bitterly learned for the last 2000 years, there is always room for one more tear a as little Leiby Kletzky so humbly reminded us this year.
It is humbly submitted that the prosecution has successfully proved a prima facie case against the accused.
To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.
We've been on the other side of it and it's important for us to lose humbly and win humbly.
John's Cathedral in Limerick, "I humbly apologize once again to all who were abused as little children.
Interestingly, when a photographer at the event told Mallika that " everyone is talking about you", the actress humbly replied, " Anything to bring attention to a good cause.
Adults must also encourage their children to act justly, loving, tenderly and walk humbly with their God, he urged.
I do humbly request non-Muslim brothers and sisters to show respect at least during Ramadan by wearing clothes that cover the whole body.
When you come humbly and sincerely to you partner, confessing your faults, you will find open arms, a responsive heart.