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In truth, the modern "novel of character" needs some such interest, to lift it sufficiently above the humdrum of life; as men's horizons are enlarged by religion, of whatever type it may be-- and we may say at once that the religious type which is dear to Mrs.
I enter the bedroom like no mere humdrum son, but after the manner of the Glasgow waiter.
Seemed to me sometimes as though that humdrum life of his had about turned his brain.
Listen, Aynesworth," he continued, turning towards him, "and the rest of you who fancy that it is I who am leaving a humdrum city for the world of tragedies
Junior Avonlea found it hard to settle down to humdrum existence again.
It aims largely to interest and delight, to throw over life a pleasing glamor; it generally deals with love or heroic adventure; and it generally locates its scenes and characters in distant times and places, where it can work unhampered by our consciousness of the humdrum actualities of our daily experience.
I'm perfectly sick of the humdrum life I have been leading the last week, and you do sort of take one back to the Arabian Nights, you know, Reggie.
or do you mean to be restless, and secretly thirst for change and adventure, in the humdrum atmosphere of Limmeridge House?
Macatuno instead preferred to report the humdrum words of President Duterte who didn't give the South Koreans the proper credit for their great technological expertise and instead commanded them to care for the Filipino workers in their employ.
She has an adoring boyfriend, Richard (Jake Lacy), but her humdrum life lacks excitement until glamorous housewife Carol Aird (Cate Blanchett) sashays in looking for a Christmas present.
The Berkshire town was satirised as humdrum in TV sitcom The Office.
Lynch's Amy, who describes herself as a guardian angel, tries repeatedly to insert herself into the humdrum life of Allison (Lawson) in this grating show, which aims at whimsy and misses the target.