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Despite this acute awareness of the enduring impact of its own humiliations, China often fails to recognize how its own past actions might have spurred similar feelings in others.
Before Stacy could begin to address her traumatic humiliations, she needed to build a new relational foundation.
discussion of the countless humiliations of everyday life would
Wang's case studies of perceived continuing humiliations and the official and popular reactions to them include the Taiwan Straits Crisis (1995-96) over Lee Teng-hui's visit to the US, the 1999 bombing of the Chinese embassy in Belgrade by the US air force, and the US-China warplane collision in 2001.
I donCOt suspect that there is a state mastering humiliation of its students overseas like ours does.
Humiliation was heaped on humiliation when she got out a tray rings out for me to try on.
Weinstein has written that in Morrison's novels, slavery possesses a "legacy of inflicted impotence" that "may act, in a reversal of the very intention of legacies, as a disabling parental bequest, in the form of menacing cultural memories and material humiliations.
As someone who has only recently done that (hitting the adult trifecta of a new job, new wife; and new house), I have discovered that's not the case; in fact, the assorted humiliations I remember so vividly from my teenage years have suddenly reemerged, only in slightly different form.
O Jesus, may Thou be blessed and thanked always and by all men for all Thy mortifications and humiliations by which Thou hast atoned for us to God to Whom Thou has united us in the embrace of holy love
another in a long line of humiliations that China has suffered since the
But their inclusion in scripture implies that such stories can be used for our instruction, even when they include forbid, ding topics like the slaughter of children, the rape of women, the dismemberment of bodies, as well as treacheries and humiliations of every kind.
It is essential that liturgical language be detached from the means of enforcement; the necessary humiliations of dialectical prose must be resolutely distinguished from the gratuitous humiliations of institutional power.