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Oh, yeah," the person will say, "the humorless state.
The only time it lets up is when the critics' lords and masters have to approach the charmless, rude, cocky, and humorless ugly Americans (and beg them) to bail them out against a period of national poverty or enemies bent on their destruction.
If you are in your 20s, you wear yore" sexuality with a chiseled, humorless gravity, a take-it-while-you-can mentality implying that life after 35 is devoid of spiritual and carnal fulfillment.
Conceptual art seems to have acquired a reputation for humorless pedantics right from the start.
Unfortunately, her premiere, In the Mi(d)st, marked a humorless retreat.
Utopian fiction has a bad reputation, much of it well-deserved: Few genres are as congenial to humorless, didactic writing.
And alongside the winks, of course, there's the veiled threat: If you don't play along, you're a humorless Puritan.
The smug, humorless political correctness of every smarmy line she uttered made me cringe on behalf of progressive women everywhere.
And certainly, after reading this stimulating book it will be much more difficult to uphold the old stereotypes of the humorless and unpolitical German.
Green thinks there's room for an investing site that isn't breathless, intimidating, jargon-packed, humorless and boring, " said Ken Kurson, editor of greenmagazine.
Brendan is beaten, jerked around and blackmailed repeatedly, yet sticks to his investigation with humorless, single-minded doggedness.
The second thing you should know about this book is that it thoroughly debunks the stereotype of the humorless accountant.