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It may be because of the pressure on the producers of entertainment to create humour but clean fun is as hard to find as a Golconda diamond.
1) What happens to our ability to experience humour as we get older?
Researcher Chris Robert tells Karen Klein of "Businessweek" that humour is not incompatible with business goals, that it can increase communication, strengthen bonds between employees and improve overall performance.
Part of the problem may well lie in the way women use humour, says Baxter, a senior lecturer at Aston University in Birmingham.
Chapter three, "The Qi That Got Lost in Translation: Traditional Chinese Medicine, Humour and Healing" by Rey Tiquia, shows that many TCM texts throughout history have discussed happiness and laughter as a means of easing the flow of qi through the body, thus establishing a physical basis for the effects of humor.
Clarke explains: "For some time now it's been assumed that a global theory of humour is impossible.
Humour also reduces tension and embarrassment for the patient and others.
Playwright, performer and filmmaker Drew Hayden Taylor (whose works include a National Film Board documentary on the subject of Native humour, Redskins, Tricksters and Puppy Stew) has assembled a collection of eleven essays, Me Funny, from scholarly to stand-up, that just might be the only aboriginal book many people read this year.
It is seen in popular films, plays, novels, musicals, television sitcoms, late-night talk shows, cartoons, comic strips, commercial and in-print advertisements, and on internet websites and chat rooms, while even the most edgy humour from comedy concerts is broadcast on cable television.
Doing comedy helped her cope with Mavis Anne's death in the same way that a delicate approach toward humour helps some of her counselling recipients.
Humour and laughter are also part of therapy and the therapeutic relationship (2).
I set it up so my own humour would come through, and that was part of the deal.