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However, there have been very less details about the company beyond what is stated on its website and on social networks and Chopra has revealed that Hunch Analytics is still in stealth mode.
The program was created in 2003, when NASA HUNCH program manager Stacy Hale saw an opportunity to give STEM students a chance to work with NASA.
E-commerce and online payments company eBay Inc (Nasdaq:EBAY) said today that it has acquired Hunch, an online platform that delivers customised recommendations to users.
Kelly Ford, vice president of marketing for Hunch, told (http://www.
Since index returns were negative the following year, their hunch did not hurt them.
CALL it intuition or luck, but either way, goalkeeper Danny Coyne admits his FA Cup save at Chesterfield last Saturday was down to a hunch.
Or "I had a hunch that the question was going to be asked".
Last month, Britvic announced it would hunch a range of smooth juice drinks aimed at children in June.
To watch Spacek whisper her lines, hunch over, and clumsily heave a bowling ball is to crawl inside yourself with mortification.
He details why he considers string theory not to really be a theory, but simply a hunch that has been perpetuated by leaders in the physics community who refuse to acknowledge its failure.
My hunch is that because Calvinists added a mark (discipline) to two of Luther's most popular constituents of the church (proclamation of the word and administration of the sacraments) they were important in the development of the idea of marks.