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Stute started the ball roiling back in February last year when it hunched a range of ambient smoothies in two flavours.
Lit by three candles in Jack Daniels' bottles and a lampshade, Jack - a contemporary of Woody Guthrie and inspiration to a young Bob Dylan - is unlike most people hunched over a guitar.
In one image he puts his head into a framed picture as if through a window; in another he lies hunched up on a bed spanning a road in the middle of nowhere.
Most residents of North Palm Beach, Florida were hunched over their branflakes reading the newspaper.
I am a rodent the enemy cannot kill and eat, but there is a certain cruel kinship that I recognize and hate even as hissing, we make deadly embrace, eyes wide, never more awake, knife in fist, I meet my hunched nightmare, my mirror twin face to face, kill him and kill my hateful self.
MPTP alone produced tremors, muscle rigidity, hunched posture and decreased movement within five days.
The poking chin posture is often caused by sitting too low, a screen set too high, a hunched back or a combination of all three.
For office workers, this often means hunched over computer keyboards, making it no surprise that 72 per cent of Brits have suffered from back pain.
The Scotch whisky will be hunched into the UK as a gift brand this month, after success in export markets.
Corbett, who was influenced by Judson Dance Theater and post-Judson choreographers, looks like no one else in Boston because she presents made-up movement rather than hand-me-downs: hunched up shoulders propelling her arms upward or out with extraordinary power, a torso coiling in or flinging itself out into space, a fall to the floor with a subsequent rise up as if fueled by an organic instinct, the whole of it infused with a languid ease and grace.
You know, I'll bet some screenwriter is probably hunched over his word processor right now, grinding out the next Golden Globe Winner, ``Pay it Backward,'' staring Kevin Spacey as Cody Cluff and Helen Hunt as Dawn Keezer, Cody's girlfriend, and head of Pittsburgh's film office.
The shot of the model named Carmen Hawk, hunched, declares nothing specific about gender - everyone has a back and a butt - and neither do McQueen's pants, since he has done bumsters for men.