hurry along

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The only incident of note being Enrique skulking in the airport lounge, slagging his new team-mates off, as he tried to hurry along his move to mid-table obscurity.
The handling was sure-footed with a lot of safety built into the road-holding which combined with the excellent all-round visibility means you can hurry along with confidence.
It is thought director Madhur Bhandarkar has been shooting round the clock to hurry along the movie before Aishwarya's baby bump shows.
So hurry along and check out the Capitol Shopping Centre and get your free creme egg.
when the guard asked the student to hurry along to class.
HOMEBUYERS who think they have left it too late to move into their dream home for Christmas should hurry along to a David Wilson development in Rugby, as the housebuilder is ready to play Santa.
He's still got a lot of work to do, but if England get runs on the board and put the opposition under pressure then he should certainly hurry along," he added.
Dubai We've all been there, that immediate sense of regret kicking in when we clicked the send button to hurry along an e-mail that would be better off buried in the bottom of the e-trash bin.
So hurry along soon to be a part of the Mirdif City Centre September excitement
We've made it really easy for you to get your hands on the toys, you can collect them from any Smyths Toy Superstore with your voucher - so hurry along today and get your free LEGO Buzz Lightyear.
The "Northerners" hurry along empty streets to open their shops.
The return of Arctic conditions certainly did not help - I was the proverbial 'Bambi on ice' in my heels, trying to hurry along a five and a two-year-old in their wellies.