hurry away

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I shall come and look for you to-night," he said, squeezing close, "but if you hurry away I think you will be in time.
More I cannot write, for I must hurry away to business.
I hope you are not going to hurry away, Captain Granet.
Ah, here's May arriving, and you will want to hurry away to her," she added, but without moving; and her eyes turned back from the door to rest on the young man's face.
Let us, rather, hurry away from this revolting spectacle.
The battle between the Soylu broke early for a 2-0 cushion, only to see Kucova break back before the Turk registered another two breaks and hurry away with the set 6-1.
And as the man stood over her she pretended to be dead until she heard him hurry away.
People I spoke to when I popped out to the shops would cut short any conversation and hurry away.