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Recent thoughts of killing or hurting oneself occurred in 6.
Extrapolating from the results, Lowery says, "White people may say, and believe, they're not supporting affirmative action because it creates inequities, but in many cases the reason they think it's unfair is because they think it's hurting their group.
It started hurting during warm-ups at the Rose Bowl,'' Medlock said.
22, 1998--Senator Barbara Boxer's opposition to construction of California's low-level radioactive waste disposal facility is already hurting cancer patients and has the potential for delaying a cure for cancer by many years, perhaps decades, according to a statement released by the National Association of Cancer Patients today.
Not only that, he's hurt because he feels he's hurting the team,'' Lakers general manager Mitch Kupchak said.
I understand Samaki has a back problem and he's hurting, but he's not hurting any more than I am.
I can't hurt my team and I think right now I might be hurting my team by playing hurt,'' he said.