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Her unique contralto, a sort of huskier Natalie Merchant, addresses each song, each situation, each issue with what the song requires, nothing more, nothing less, merging a gift for imagery ("Your fingers are fuses/Your eyes are cinnamon"--"Stolen Car") with an ear for musical nuance.
And then the director wanted me to have a much lower, kind of huskier voice.
Men might find the huskier voiced women as attractive short-term partners, but not someone they want to go on and have children with.
At 63, the Baez voice, though huskier, retains the unaffected purity that has always been the mark of her 418 songs in 48 U.
Frequently the age of the offender was a determining factor; however, the fact that "[s]ome boys are more sturdily built than others of the same age" was recognized by magistrates and supported their proposal that the age could be raised to seventeen or eighteen for undersized boys and lowered to six or seven for huskier little boys.
Walker, as the servant Nireno, has a huskier, less bright sound than his colleagues do.
Then there's Massachusetts, where, according to Howie Carr in the Boston Herald, the state Commission Against Discrimination (MCAD) is known for the openhandedness with which it dispenses emotional-distress awards to those who've suffered workplace setbacks and upsets: $15,000 in emotionals to a seven-months-pregnant woman who got turned down for a job as a bartender; $20,000 against a company that declined to hire as an auto mechanic a man who was legally blind when not wearing glasses and who had no driver's license; $25,000 to a would-be policeman who was completely deaf in one ear; $25,000 to a female cop left at the station while huskier male colleagues were sent on a drug raid; and so forth.
Headphones for huskier cats may be available in the future.