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she shouted, huskily, stubbing her Gauloise out on the sand-hardened sole of her foot.
Stone slinks through every frame, huskily trotting out the salty double entendres and shedding her figure-hugging apparel with alarming regularity.
Just before I left, Sophie huskily whispered: "Kaz and I will find our own way home tonight, Suze.
I vill now know how to cook for him,'' the lady says huskily, in tones reminiscent of a monocled Prussian colonel toying with a swagger stick.
Schoolboys looking in must have been rigid with attention at the sizzling spectactle of sex bomb Samantha Janus as a schoolma'am huskily spouting Shakespearean sonnets in The Grimleys (ITV, last night).
My younger brothers weren't asleep, so Pop slipped upstairs and whispered huskily, "Kids, guess what
Throughout it all, chanson Ms Harry - best known as the face and voice of punk rock pioneers Blondie - took it in her well-timed stride, breathy and huskily sexy one minute, singing about sambas and tangos, and rich and power-packed the next.
Touch her coat," whispered mum huskily, from a place directly behind my right ear.
De Niro pokes fun at his Godfather image while Zellweger and Jolie huskily breathe their lines as their characters tread water before the big denouement.
Or her contemporary, actress Tallulah Bankhead, who huskily vouch-safed: ``I've been called many things, but never an intellectual.
I didn't see the gunfighter analogy at all,' he says as huskily as only a man reared on Gauloise and Cognac can be.