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However, this tissue was different from acetabular hyaline cartilage and ligamentum teres of the femur since acetabular cartilage is made up of hyaline cartilage cells, whereas the ligamentum teres of the femur is comprised of fibrous connective tissues.
Influence of the gel thickness on in vivo hyaline cartilage regeneration induced by double-network gel implanted at the bottom of a large osteochondral defect: short-term results.
Correspondingly lacunae were not very prominent, surrounded by abundant amorphous hyaline cartilage (Figure 6).
Soft tissue chondromas are benign nodules of hyaline cartilage that are not attached to bone and tend to occur in the hands and feet.
Marrow cells that leak out have stem cell-like properties that can form cartilage caps, but the cartilage is inferior to the smooth hyaline cartilage that normally caps the ends of bones (SN: 8/11/12, p.
Elements of implanted material located in intermediate callus were surrounded by developing on its surface thin layers of cells and groups of hyaline cartilage.
Non-treated ASCs actually impeded healing of hyaline cartilage defects, and although treating ASCs improved the situation they added no benefit compared to cartilage allowed to heal on its own," said Prof.
1 Articular cartilage is a hyaline cartilage which lines the articular margins of long bones and normally functions as a low-friction, shock-absorbing and load-bearing material in joints.
Findings included sheets of undifferentiated, round or spindled mesenchymal cells, interspersed with islands of hyaline cartilage (Figure 12).
Histological examination demonstrated a typical hyaline cartilage structure; with proteoglycans, type II collagen and GAGs being highly expressed in repair areas.
Labral tears are often associated with cartilage lesions; the hyaline cartilage blends with the fibrocartilagenous labrum, and a labral tear often propagates into the hyaline cartilage.
The articular surfaces of bones are covered by hyaline cartilage, a specific form of supportive, connective tissue which is used to support and protect the bones.