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The individual in question was a half-breed, named Pierre Dorion; and, as he figures hereafter in this narrative, and is, withal, a striking specimen of the hybrid race on the frontier, we shall give a few particulars concerning him.
That a hybrid should possess more reason, memory, obstinacy, social affection, powers of muscular endurance, and length of life, than either of its parents, seems to indicate that art has here outdone nature.
Even the wisest among you is only a disharmony and hybrid of plant and phantom.
His travelling baggage is easily carried in his hand, and he repairs with it on foot, to a hybrid hotel in a little square behind Aldersgate Street, near the General Post Office.
But he soon gave that up, panting and blaspheming, demanded explanations in his hybrid tongue that had half a brogue and half a burr.
Her walk was not that hybrid and uncertain gliding affected by some women, but a frank, strong, healthy movement forward.
There never before was seen on earth such a wonderful hybrid race as was thus produced.
Many exotic plants have pollen utterly worthless, in the same exact condition as in the most sterile hybrids.
Some thought it was part flying squirrel or some other wild animal, which is not impossible, for, according to naturalists, prolific hybrids have been produced by the union of the marten and domestic cat.
13, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Toyota Motor Corporation announced today global hybrid sales surpassed the 7 million unit mark in September.
But the descendants of most hybrid offspring meld back into the parent species or don't compete successfully against the parental lines.