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In 1969, Matonis and Small (7) proposed that encapsulation of rigid spherical inclusions within a thin layer of low-modulus elastomer could result in hybrid composites exhibiting improved toughness without sacrificing stiffness with respect to the PP matrix.
Studies on the Low-Velocity Impact Response of Woven Hybrid Composites.
69 Table 4 The dynamic characteristics of hybrid composite reinforced with nanoclay Property % of nano clay in resin 0% 3% 5% 7% Damping coefficients, [zeta] 0.
Knowledge of the constituents in hybrid composites is needed for the development of models that accurately predict composite strength and failure behavior.
Particularly, for optical/optoelectronic applications, these hybrid composites are required to have highly optical clarity/transparence.
To understand the mechanism of the 'hybrid effect' on the tensile properties of hybrid composites Yiping Qiu & Peter Schwartz [13] investigated the fiber/matrix interface properties by using single fiber pull out from a micro composite (SFPOM) test, which showed a significant difference between the interfacial shear strength of Kevlar fiber/epoxy in single fiber type and that in the hybrid at a constant fiber volume fraction, which shortened the ineffective length and contributed to the failure strain increase of Kevlar 149 fibers in the hybrid.
Taking into account the electric and magnetic properties of CNT and Ferrite, hybrid composites were formed in external electric or magnetic field in order to identify their effects on final properties of composites.
Optimum composite properties are said to be achieved in hybrid composites combining Innegra with glass, aramid, or carbon fibers.
Nanostructured materials and hybrid composites for gas sensors and biomedical applications; proceedings.
The second part looks at macro systems, with an emphasis on fiber reinforced polymer composites, textile composites, and polymer hybrid composites.
Tensile properties of this hybrid composites are a function of how well the fillers and polymers interact with each other.
Thesis, Characterization of Mechanical Properties and Statistical Modeling of Silica Styrene Acrylic Rubber Hybrid Composites, Gobind Bhallav Pant University of Agriculture and Technology, Pantnagar, 33 (2008).