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Halgrim began hybridizing and collecting crotons in 1920, and he was friendly with several of the Miami hybridizers.
Thanks to Dutch hybridizers, healthy disease-free genetically stable look-alike Rembrandt-style tulips are available today.
The efforts of hybridizers to introduce dozens of new leaf shapes and colors mean that you can begin a collection of ivy varieties and never run out of new plants to buy.
After the first "epidemic" Dutch hybridizers sent their creations back to the Turks for scrutiny and another frenzy took place.
Held once every three years in a different international location, the World Orchid Conference([R]) is the largest and most influential gathering of orchid enthusiasts, hobbyists, growers, hybridizers, and scientists.
The regals have a shorter bloom period than ivy and zonal types, but hybridizers are working on that.
The birds and the bees have nothing on the professional hybridizers at Bear Creek Gardens in Somis, the research arm of rose giant Jackson & Perkins.
World demand for tulips keeps Holland's hybridizers hopping to provide tantalizing new varieties.
The naming rights were donated to the society by hybridizers, Brad and Bruce McLane of Florida Aquatic Nurseries, Fort Lauderdale, FL.
Of the few dozen hybridizers working for a handful of rose developers in the United States, three local men are among the most successful, winning approval from the All-America Rose Selections - an award equivalent to moviedom's Oscars - for several new roses in just the past few years.
One section always contains theFirst Lady roses," he explained--roses that for years have been specially bred by various hybridizers and named after the current First Lady by the American Rose Society.