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has an additional band [+ 1], lacks a band [- 1 ], or differs in the size of a single hybridizing band) and has an identical pattern by PGRS (1013).
Nor, for that matter, need we waste time on Father Jackman's doctrinal hybridizing.
Single copy DNA probes offer a specificity in hybridizing genetic chromosomes not heretofore available for identifying elusive strains of inherited genetic diseases and cancers, allowing, among other things, for more precise clinical treatment.
Where Warhol took his cues from the print media and Ruscha from road signage, Edwards looks to corporate graphics and the hybridizing capabilities of the computer, sampling from diverse sources and realigning the results on his canvases.
Even the term superweed goes back at least to 1949, in a book on hybridizing plant species.
Sumitomo Pharmaceuticals Company, Limited (Osaka-fu, Japan) has patented semaphorin Y inhibiting neurite outgrowth, and a nucleotide sequence therefor, as well as other Semaphorin sequences hybridizing to the Semaphorin Y sequence, modified proteins or partial peptides of Semaphorin Y, antibodies against Semaphorin Y, antisense nucleotides against Semaphorin Y gene, and the use of such substances as pharmaceutical or diagnostic agents or laboratory reagents are disclosed.
Members receive a subscription to the monthly Orchids magazine, which provides tips and articles on orchid culture, conservation, hybridizing and propagation.
Cy3 and Cy5), hybridizing them simultaneously, and determining the fluorescence ratio for each spot on the array (Figure 1).