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In the Salinas Valley, however, hybridizing has gone on too long for invader eradication to be "a workable solution" for preserving California tiger salamanders, he adds.
At the San Francisco Bromeliad conference I met Don Beadle and talked to him regarding hybridizing and techniques to use to keep pollen viable longer.
tuberculosis strains that have more than five copies of IS6110 with similar but not identical fingerprint patterns (differing by one or two IS6110 hybridizing bands) is unknown, in some cases epidemiologic links among patients infected with such strains have been established (9).
It was good timing, because I had just successfully completed hybridizing number 94-7 and it was an exceptionally good seedling.
The Troubie formula of getting seriously silly with Shakespeare has worked quite well, whether they're hybridizing the Bard with the Bee Gees (in 2000's ``A Midsummer Night's Fever Dream'') or Hall & Oates (last year's ``Romeo Hall and Juliet Oates'').
Due to various degrees of consideration by contributing authors, specific criteria were used to judge if the species was implicated in hybridizing with at least one other species.
Certain benefits may also be obtained by hybridizing FEEs owned by U.
The wild-type (N) and mutation ([DELTA]) specific sequences were selectively detected by hybridizing the arrays with fluorescenn-labeled (anti-sense strand) PCR products of the N/N, N/[DELTA], and [DELTA]/[DELTA] genotypes, binding with anti-fluorescenn-AP, and chemiluminescent detection.
Nor, for that matter, need we waste time on Father Jackman's doctrinal hybridizing.
Single copy DNA probes offer a specificity in hybridizing genetic chromosomes not heretofore available for identifying elusive strains of inherited genetic diseases and cancers, allowing, among other things, for more precise clinical treatment.