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Results indicated that patients with congenital obstructive hydrocephalus may be less prone to shunt infections.
The CSF shunts are implantable devices inserted by neurosurgeons to treat Hydrocephalus.
For example, doing an air encephalogram to differentiate between a communicating and noncommunicating type of hydrocephalus and trial with an EVD for TBM Vellore Grade 4 patients are not commonly done in our institution.
El-Refaee identifies symptoms of hydrocephalus in infancy as the abnormal increase in the size of the head, with sunset eye sign, vomiting, and delayed milestones, which means a child's development is slower than average.
A total of 83,422 births took place during the study period of 11 years of which 123 babies had congenital hydrocephalus (1.
During the preoperative tests, hydrocephalus and Chiari type 2 anomaly were encountered in the brain tomography of the patient (Figure 1).
Dr Ali al-Moallem, neurologist, said: "This is a significant medical project that saves many lives born with hydrocephalus.
la), along with obstruction of the mesencephalic duct and development of obstructive hydrocephalus (Fig.
X is seen by a neurosurgery team, who recommends that he receive a ventriculoperitoneal shunt for hydrocephalus.
The patient's non-adherence to treatment was probably caused by cognitive impairment, which is a cardinal symptom of normal-pressure hydrocephalus (NPH).
Pediatric hydrocephalus is one of the most frequently diagnosed diseases in pediatric neurosurgical practice.