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The biggest application market of hydrofluoric acid in China is fluorinated hydrocarbon chemical, which accounts for over 56% of the total consumption.
Table 83: Middle East 15-Year Perspective for Fluorspar by End Use Segment - Percentage Breakdown of Unit consumption for Hydrofluoric Acid & Aluminum Fluoride, Basic Oxygen Furnaces, Electric Furnaces and Other Uses for years 1998, 2008 and 2012 (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) III-49
Gap between Supply and Demand of Hydrofluoric Acid in China, 2003-2008
The growing tight supply of fluorite resources forced the tycoons in fluorine chemical industry, including SOLVAY, Arkema, Stella, Morita, Dai kin Industries and INEOS, to transfer the production of hydrofluoric acid to China, and established their plants there successively.
The 'Global and Chinese Hydrofluoric Acid Industry Report' is a professional and in-depth market research report on the hydrofluoric acid industry with a focus on the Chinese situation.
The report presents detailed overview of the Fluor Spar and Hydrofluoric Acid market in the world and regions (CIS countries in particular) by contemplating and analyzing its various parameters.
In addition, the wheel is up to three times more resistant to chemicals, counting hydrofluoric acid, found in the toughest truck wash cleaning agents.
Demand for and revenues generated with hydrofluoric acid in the 14 most important countries is analyzed in great detail in chapter 3, as is demand in the applications production of aluminum, refrigerants, blowing agents, and other applications.
Company executives say the use of hydrofluoric acid in the Monterey shale deposit, the largest in the country, is the key tool in unlocking some of the estimated 15 billion barrels of crude trapped underground, rather than fracking, due to the state's geology.
28 (Xinhua-ANI): One was killed and four were wounded after hydrofluoric acid gas leaked at a chip plant of Samsung Electronics, the world's largest memory chip maker, local media reported on Monday.
7 miles) away, to avoid the fallout from the September 27 leak of about eight tons of hydrofluoric acid.
What standard type of container can not be used for the storage of hydrofluoric acid - and why?