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In studies on tumor cell lines, the combination of cobalamin and ascorbic acid produced hydrogen peroxide and had a synergistic effect in decreasing mitotic counts and survival of tumor cells.
The initial pH of the soil (Table 1) is higher than the optimum pH range of 2-4 identified for the chemical oxidation of chlorinated aromatics using the hydrogen peroxide oxidation process in water (Sedlak, Andren 1991; Ghaly et al.
An alternative technology uses ozone instead of hydrogen peroxide as an oxidizing agent.
The scientists think hydrogen peroxide is an important factor for the habitability of the global liquid water ocean under Europa's icy crust because hydrogen peroxide decays to oxygen when mixed into liquid water.
The new plant is intended to supply hydrogen peroxide as a raw material for the manufacture of propylene oxide (PO) by Sadara Chemical Company.
The companies'A newly created joint venture is namedA Saudi Hydrogen Peroxide Company.
It is hypothesized that decreased vaginal glycogen levels may increase the antimicrobial competitive activities (lactic acid and hydrogen peroxide production) of vaginal lactobacilli.
Human catalase is highly efficient, mediating the breakdown of up to 200,000 molecules of hydrogen peroxide per second (2,5).
Lady Justice Hallett made the comment after hearing that would-be terrorists could still buy significant quantities of hydrogen peroxide "without much risk of detection".
The East Riding of Yorkshire Council's Trading Standards team urged people to take extra care after discovering that some products being used by beauticians and dentists contain 360 times the permitted level of hydrogen peroxide.
The EU recommends people avoid tooth whitening products with hydrogen peroxide levels higher than a 1.

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